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5-day study plan for every Chinese lesson with native teacher video lessons, interactive activities, Chinese songs, review games, writing worksheets, craft, read-aloud books, and more.

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5-Day Learning Plan for Every Chinese Lesson

Available in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

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Built on the Leading ACTFL Language Standards

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Little Chinese Learners is a Mandarin curriculum built based on the ACTFL 5Cs World-Readiness Standards covering Communications, Connections, Communities, Comparison, and Culture.  ACTFL is an internationally recognized language guidelines aiming to give learners the competence to communicate effectively and interact with cultural competence in multilingual communities at home and around the world.  Adopted by over 40 US states, these standards reflect the current educational landscape, including those set out by:

  • Common Core State Standards
  • College and Career Readiness
  • 21st century skills

Built with Proven Educational Methodology

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Spaced Repetition

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Engaging Animation

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Game-Based Learning

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Personalized Feedback
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Fast-Growing Mandarin Learning Channel for Kids

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Common FAQs

Each Mandarin lesson comes with a 5-day lesson plan with a variety of activities designed to engage the learner, including video lessons from native Chinese teachers, cultural videos, animated stories and songs (100% in Mandarin), read-aloud books, review games, Chinese writing worksheets, craft, and more.  Activities are designed with space repetition and upward-spiral methodologies to optimize learning.

While we designed our program with children aged 4-10 in mind, we have had learners as young as 2 and as old as… well, old. In essence, anyone can learn with us.

A primary account controls billing and subscription information and is also the Group Leader of the group consisting of the associated students.  From the Progress page, the Group Leader can see and manage the progress (including marking lessons/activities complete) of each student in the group. 

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